Members are the lifeblood of any association, because without them the association couldn’t exist. The success of your association greatly depends on your ability to not only find new members, but to keep current members. There are a lot of strategies that you can use. Here at Times 10 Association Strategies, there are some proven methods that we have seen and utilized that have had enormous success in increasing memberships.

Develop A Recruitment Strategy

First, develop a recruitment strategy that works for your association’s niche as well as your budget. While a strong, comprehensive strategy may be the most efficient it will not matter much if you can’t even afford it. If you have to, start smaller and build your way up.

There are a lot of factors to consider when developing your association’s recruitment strategy. For example, if your association is heavily involved in the technology sector then your recruitment should leverage technology as a means to attract potential new members. 

The path to membership to your association doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, having a long, complex system for gaining membership is more likely to turn a lot of potential members away. There are many ways to develop the path to membership without over-complicating it.

Proven Methods To Increase Association Membership

Understand Your Members

As a person in a position of leadership within your association, you should really take the time to know and understand your members. Being able to identify motivations, preferences, personalities, and more can give you an in-depth look at your members. This information is vital to be able to maintain and grow your association especially as things change. 

Your own members are one of the best sources of information you have in regard to your association. Not only does it help to develop your association from within, but it also helps you to develop a more precise marketing plan. When you know your members better, you can determine who to focus on targeting as well as where and how.

Member Retention: Get Feedback And Keep Current Members Happy

Let’s expand on the strategy of understanding your members. By talking to your association’s members and getting their feedback, you have access to some of the best information for helping your association grow. More than likely, your members are more than happy to let you know what is and is not working.

Their feedback will probably include ways that they think the association could improve. They will have insights on current systems and practices that you can improve on or even overhaul. You could conduct an annual survey for your members or even have an annual member event.

Host Events And Conferences That Potential Members Want To Attend

Conferences and events are arguably the best method for recruiting new members. You can use events to have a strong engagement with professionals in your industry. Combining that with understanding your membership base gives you the tools to plan our events that these potential members will want to attend. 

These events provide you the perfect opportunity to really market and showcase what your association has to offer. This provides a great opportunity for both current members and non-members to develop some strong networks which adds an incentive for joining your association.

Annual Membership Drive

Sometimes the best way to gain new members is to utilize the members you already have. Develop an annual membership drive by creating a reward system for recruitment. This is very similar to refer-a-friend programs. When current members get people to join your association, you reward those members. For the new members, this can also be seen as a future incentive that they can benefit from.

Best Association Management Services in Fort Worth

Managing the behind-the-scenes work of your association is a lot of work that, if you want it done right, can require experienced professionals. That’s why Times 10 Association Strategies specializing in association management services in the Fort Worth metroplex. If you are looking to take your association to the next level, contact us today.