Imagine spending hours, days, or even weeks planning an event. You think you’ve got everything covered, and you are excited for your event to commence. But, in the excitement and adrenaline of your very own event, various aspects were overlooked. Maybe roles and responsibilities for others weren’t very well defined, or the agenda wasn’t quite clear. As the event starts and progresses, it becomes evident that it isn’t going to be nearly as successful as you had hoped. What went wrong?

Well, a lot of things could have gone wrong. Planning and managing conferences, events, and meetings of all sizes is not an easy task. There is a lot of time and dedication that goes into successfully planning, and eventually executing, these events and meetings. Despite the blunder of a self-planned event, you are determined to do better next time by hiring a local management company. So what, exactly, does it mean to get professionally managed conferences and meetings?

Managed Conferences and Meetings

What Is Meeting Management?

First, let’s discuss meeting management. This is a more closed-space, personal activity versus conferences and events. Even still, proper meeting management ensures that your company or association is maximizing its efficiency when conducting meetings.

If you’ve been in any type of business world, you’ve probably heard this phrase: this meeting could have been sent in an email. Inefficient and poorly planned meetings often result in that response. Meetings that are extremely long and seem to be full of extra information rather than a particular agenda also solicit a negative response. When the attendees of your meetings are having negative responses due to inefficiency, they are likely not retaining the information which results in a waste of time for everyone involved.

Times 10 is a leading association management company that provides excellent meeting management services. An efficient meeting starts with proper planning and definition. The first question that should be asked: what is the purpose of this meeting? If you can’t clearly define a purpose for the meeting, then you’ll likely have people saying “this could have just been sent in an email”.

Meeting management helps to ensure that no time is wasted and that information is relevant and concise. From planning to execution to post-meeting notes and minutes, every step is just as important. A good meeting management company will be there every step of the way, ensuring that everything is executed perfectly.

What Is Conference And Event Management?

Conferences and events have many of the same challenges as meetings, but on a much larger scale. Whether big or small, the proper execution of a successful event is no easy feat. Hiring a conference and event management company like Times 10 alleviates a lot of the stress of planning and let’s you focus on your association.

Proper planning is essential to ensure your event or conference is successful. Remember that having some people speak for a few hours isn’t a conference, it’s a lecture. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into managing conferences and events. Does your event or conference need any of these?:

  • Guest speakers
  • Catering
  • Payment processing
  • Financial and billing reconciliation
  • Coordination of sponsor and exhibit sales
  • Marketing
  • Conference tasking

These are just some prime examples of what goes into planning conferences and events. You may have not even thought of some of these needs, but they are important.

In a world with exponential technology advancement, the realm of possibilities for conferences and events are expanding. The ability to hold virtual events and conferences is becoming more and more needed. Another possibility that has become increasingly popular for in-person events is live-streaming the event for those that can’t make it in person.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Times 10 Association Strategies is the best association management company to handle all of your conference and event management needs. We customize and tailor all of our clients’ events, conferences, and meetings to their specific needs and goals. Contact us today to get started on planning your next event or meeting, no matter how big or small it is.