As your association grows its memberbase and its outreach, it runs into some of the same problems as a business: scalability. With more people to manage and aiming for an even bigger mission and vision, you also have a lot of administrative work that has to be done. Your first thought may be to use volunteers or current staff to handle these tasks. They may, however, lack the experience and technology needed to effectively provide management.

This is why associations that want to succeed and grow hire an association management company, or AMC. An AMC can provide a variety of services so that the association can focus on what’s important: their mission. Finding the best association management company is a vital step to an association’s growth.

How To Find The Right Association Management Company

What Services Does An Association Management Company Offer?

Association management companies provide a variety of services so that an association can focus on its mission. The benefits of hiring an association management company are many, and a good AMC should be able to tailor the services rendered to the needs and budget of your association. With the right services from your association management company, you’ll see the efficiency and productivity of your association soar.

Services provided could vary between AMC’s. However, the core services that an association needs should be offered. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Times 10 Association Strategies provides all necessary services to help an association thrive. At Times 10, we excel in developing and executing strategies that help organizations achieve their missions and goals through the effective rendering of our effective services.

Two services that are likely to be utilized first for a growing association involve administrative services and membership/database management. Managing the database of your association members is not only efficient, but necessary to maintain your association. If you can’t manage records of your members and the needed information, growing your association is going to prove nearly impossible. By hiring an association management company, you allow that company to use their expertise in membership management to streamline efficiency and allow your association to focus on its goals.

As an association grows it may look into conferences and events. Planning and executing these events, however, is not an easy task. It is time consuming and costly, especially if you aren’t experienced in doing so. A good AMC will be able to handle the planning and execution of successful conferences and events for your association.

There are many more services offered. From strategic consulting to finance and accounting, a good association management will have the important services that your association will need to get to the next level.

What Factors To Consider When Hiring An Association Management Company

Available services are something to consider when hiring an association management company. If the AMC doesn’t have the services you need then they’re not going to be a great fit. You do not want to resort to hiring more than one association management company because it can cause conflicts between the companies.

First, look at the company’s experience working with other associations. Have they been successful? How long have they been in business? The longer an association management company has been in business with a client portfolio provides more reassurance of their capabilities than a brand new company.

A good association management company will have its own office facilities to meet the needs of itself as well as the associations it provides services for. Times 10 Association Strategies maintains its own office facilities with some of the latest technologies to increase productivity. Having our own facilities to render our services to your association allows you to use the space you have for the needs of your association.

While there are many other factors to consider, you should also look at available reviews and references. An association management company that has many clients could look good on the surface. But if these clients have only been with the AMC for a short amount of time, it’s not an effective way to determine if the association management company is good. Look at their clients and how long they have been with the association management company.

Finding An Association Management Company in Fort Worth, Texas

For association management in Fort Worth, Texas, Times 10 Association Strategies is a top-choice for your association. Our professional team strongly believes in our vision and mission to provide an unwavering commitment to learn more, inspire, and do more for all of our clients. To take your association to the next level, contact us today to get started.