Growing your association through more memberships is only a part of the process. If you really want your association to grow, then it’s essential that you understand your members. This goes beyond just talking to them, however. There is a lot of data and analytics involved if you’re looking to really maximize potential.

Just like many businesses, your association needs to obtain new members and then give them a reason to stay. Putting in the effort to bring in more members will end up being a wasted effort if you can’t retain them. Proper member data management and membership services are one of the key components to a solid strategy to grow your association.

Know Your Members

If you don’t know your members, you won’t be able to retain them. The inability to retain members will eventually lead to a failing association which is no good for you. This is where member data management becomes extremely valuable. The details may seem like simply demographics information, but in reality it’s some of the most important data that you can utilize to grow your association.

Sex, race, age, and more can give you practically infinite possibilities for paths to growth. You can use this information to understand who is joining your association and if you need to establish a more diverse focus to ensure you are maximizing your potential membership base.

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Target Your Audience To Grow Your Membership Base

The purpose and mission of your association is the starting block to understanding what kind of audience to target. For an example, if you have an association largely based around young entrepreneurs, targeting an older demographic for your outreach and promotion wouldn’t be the best use of your time and resources.

As mentioned previously, knowing your current members’ demographics is important. However, you should also think about the demographics you could be targeting as well. In many industries, various demographics are often under-appreciated or overlooked. Being able to understand this requires effective member data management and timely entry of data. Having a team like Times 10 to manage all of this information and data entry can streamline these processes.

If you can break down and establish the precise data points to target your optimal audience for your association’s growth, then you have one of the best advantages on your side. Using the information obtained through effective member data management, your association will be able to target the optimal pools of potential members. This allows your association’s membership base to explode through good marketing and communications.

Improve Member Retention

Now that you have improved your data management for current members and you have increased efficiency for recruiting new members, you need to turn your focus to keeping those members. In a way, it’s a lot like when a political candidate is campaigning. They give rousing speeches, make campaign promises, and secure votes. But the biggest question will remain: will the candidate follow through when elected and maintain support with their constituents?

This is much the same for an association. If you make certain promises during your marketing process to obtain new members, but you don’t actually follow through on expectations, you can expect your association’s retention to drop. By working with experts in the field, like Times 10 Association Strategies, you can be assured that you will be able to retain your members by meeting and even exceeding their expectations from you.

Membership And Data Management Services By Times 10

Maintaining accurate and fluid data on your members can be time consuming. You not only have to accurately record the data, but you need to know what data you need to be looking at and which data isn’t worth your time. If you are looking for membership and data management services in Fort Worth, Texas, Times 10 Association Strategies will work with you as if we were a part of your team.