In today’s world it seems virtually impossible to escape paperwork and administrative necessities. There are many who would set it to the side or not give it much thought, but improper administrative support for an association or business can lead to poor performance. It can also lead to spending a lot of unnecessary time on completing administrative tasks that weren’t done correctly to begin with.

Can anyone complete administration tasks and duties? Sure, they could. But is everyone actually good at it? Definitely not. Efficient administration requires a strong work ethic and exceptional organizational skills. If you aren’t well versed in efficient administrative tasks and duties, then hiring people to fulfill this need can be difficult as you don’t know what to look for. That’s why Times 10 Association Strategies offers association administration services in Fort Worth with dozens of happy clients.

What Is Association Administration?

Association administration is, simply put, administrative duties and tasks that are completed in an association environment. For the most part, it’s not going to be drastically different from the tasks you might find in any other corporate office. Everything will just be tailored towards running an administration rather than a business or company.

So, what exactly is association administration? This consists of many things, but the most common duties are:

  • Answering and/or directing phone calls
  • Organizing, scheduling, and maintaining appointments
  • Meetings and minutes
  • Document filing
  • Developing an efficient filing system
  • Prepare routine reports or other reports as needed
  • Utilizing spreadsheets and data entry
Association Administration Services Can Help Your Association

With everything that goes into running a successful association, administrative tasks can quickly pile up as the association grows. While these tasks are still important to success, they can take up a lot of time for those who are having to take care of everything else involved. Having a skilled administrative team is essential to long term growth and success.

Manage Minutes And Association Documentation

You have probably heard the term “meeting minutes” and may think it’s just a transcript of everything that happened at a board or committee meeting. However, you would only be partially correct. Meeting minutes are more of an official record of action taken during a meeting and not a transcript of everything that was said.

Meeting minutes serve a much wider purpose, too. It’s important to note that, as previously stated, it is an official record. These meeting minutes must be properly documented to show that the association is adhering to its own bylaws and rules. Additionally, the meeting minutes can even be called into discovery during any kind of litigation. This is why you definitely do not want a word-for-word transcript of everything said during the meeting.

Hiring skilled professionals that are experienced with recording and managing meeting minutes can be a real life-saver (or association-saver).

Handle Phone And Email Answering Services

Probably the least favorite among administrative duties but still one of the most important: answering phone calls and emails from the general public. As your association grows, you are likely to find the number of phone calls and emails increasing. This can take your valuable time away from actually running your association, which is why Times 10 has provided this service to so many associations.

Efficient Storage And Material Management

Lastly, Times 10 also specializes in efficient storage and material management for clients. For almost every association, maintaining a steady supply of materials needed for the association to continue functioning is critical to its success. Whether it’s a supply chain for physical products or digital, we’ll help your association make sure it never has too little but also never too much.

Association Administration Services In Fort Worth, Texas

If your growing association is needing critical services fulfilled at a professional level, then call us at Times 10 Association Strategies today. Not only do we have the best association administration services in Texas, but we provide numerous other top-performing services as well.